The “Espiritistas”

THE PASTOR Miyel  says he has the monopoly of good spirits and he takes away the curses of victims of evil spirits in what was  a cinema in downtown Los Angeles.

With his assistant, he has a paid program on “television angelina”, which receives calls and testimonies of people who talk about their curses.

A girl says that since he found some old coins in a pot, his father lost his trucking business, her mother turned violent with their children, they lost work and home, and the family ended up living in a garage. The girl said that she always dreams about being haunted and awakens frightened.

A troubled mother said that since her son went to live with a sexy Honduran woman, no longer calls her, and feels that she lost him.

A married man who had a mistress for eight years, and finally decided to leave her, is feeling depressed and now sees her even in the soup, without being able to forget her.

Pastor Miyel  tells everyone that evil spirits can not do anything against benign spirits that he sells in purification sessions, and even gives them schedules and asked to bring a white garment when they go to see the “Lord of Light “.

But first, he asks his assistant to explain how  the evil spirits work.

The boy who broke the Oedipus complex to live with his wife, says, the hondureña put a glass of rainwater in the refrigerator, where his photo was in the lower part, and the photo of her above. This means that she was going to dominate, against the wishes of his mother. The rain meant that this would make his mother cry.

For the man who left his lover, she says the mistress put a candle  with a picture of him in the middle, so that everything he dos will be “salted”, and his life be burning slowly like a candle.

As for the girl who found these small copper coins, which are usually put to fertilize the plants, or are forgotten, the pastor’s secretary said that was the vehicle for the curse.

Although many of these troubles would be solved with the worst advice of psychologists, or reading an introduction to psychology, the ‘telespiritistas” help them in exchange of a small monetary contribution for the payment of TV commercials or to pay the rent of the theatre where the “Lord of Light “frees them from all evils of existence”.