TLACUILOS: The first graphic designers



In the Oxford History of México I look for the name “Tlacuilos”. The Index has a list: Thompson, Tikal, Tin-Tan, Tlacaelel…

It has the name of Comedians and Gods, but nothing about the humble story tellers who wrote the history of their people on the skins of the trees or the animal or on the stone: “tla-cui-los”.

In the XXI century, next to the appearance of the next generation of iPads2, a “pad” that is making lots of dollars for the Silicon Valley Industry, very few people could name some of those guys who write the stories of the angelenos.

The Tlacuilos were the fellows who thought that was enough to connect heart and mind to write the history with drawings and signs, but they didn’t count on the coming of the Europeans who brought their own writers, and not just that: their soldiers, their priest, their Gods…

The stories of the Tlacuilos were just the first drafts of history, and worst than that, a draft that was ignored for the most part.

Francisco López de Gómara, Bernal Diaz del Castillo… And the University of Oxford wrote a version of the ancient people which was a first draft for Mel Gibson “Apocalipto”.

Who knows what exactly happened centuries ago?

Very recently, there are discoveries that the ancient used to enjoy the basketball, and that they were not devils not saints, they were just people.

The mac junkies want to belive that Tlacuilos were the first graphic designers